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Wed 6th Ulster bank Open

1st  Margaret McConnell

2nd Brid McMenamin

3rd Karen O'Meara

4th Ann Sweeney

Wed  30th Aug 

Sponsored by Fred's Golf Shop 

1st Sharon Maloney

2nd Sheila Breen

Gross Margaret McConnell

3rd Karen O'Meara

2's Ann Sweeney

Margaret McConnell

9 hole comp.   Florence Connolly 

5 hole comp.   Ann Fairman

Sunday 27th Aug

Sponsored by Colm McGonigle.  

1st Darragh McGowan          39 pts. 

2nd Dolores Devanney          34pts 

Gross Josephine Stewart

3rd Maureen Boyle                 31 pts bot 4th Breid Kelly                         31 pts bot  Nearest the pin Margaret McCrossan. 

Wed 23rd Aug

Cat 1 

1st Clara McNeill                     36 pts 

2nd Kathleen McGowan         31 pts 

Cat 2 

1st Ann Sweeney                      36 pts

2nd Josphine Stewart              29 pts 

Cat 3

1st Maureen Boyle                    31 pts

2nd Breid Kelly                         29 pts

9 hole comp.      Margaret Grindle

Sat 19th Aug Presidents Prize 1st Kathleen McGowan           35 pts

2nd Sharon Maloney               33pts

Gross Darragh McGowan

3rd Mary McHugh                   32 pts

4th Deirdre Duncan                31 pts Senior Josephine Stewart       31 pts   Nearest the pin on 6th Eileen Boyce 

Nearest the pin on 17th D McGowan

Wed 16th August

Sponsor Brid McGinty Reflexology   1st Dolores Devaney                37 pts

2nd Kathleen McGowan         36pts 

Gross   Mary McHugh  

3rd Ita Ward                             33pts 

Front 9 Imelda Muldoon        18 pts

Back 9 Clara McNeill               16 pts 

2's  Dolores Devaney 

CSS 72


Monday Scramble  

1st Orla Martin, Renee Gouldie and Eileen Reilly

2nd Brenda Crawford, Levina Merritt and Clara McNeill

3rd Joanne Harold, Christine Henderson and Anna Dillon.

Lady Captains Prize

1st Darragh McGowan 38 & 37 pts    2nd Ann Glancy            37 & 35 pts

Gross  D Devaney       agg 41 gr pts   3rd Kathleen Porter       agg 69   

4th Sharon Maoney       agg 68 

Cat 1 

Mary McHugh                 agg 63 

Cat 2 Ann Sweeney         agg 67 bot  

Cat 3 Ann Gilligan          agg 67 

Day 1  Margaret Hynes  40 pts 

Day 2 KarenDuncan      35ptsbot    

Mystery prize  Josephine Stewart   Committee  K McGowan  agg 62  Senior  Brid McMenamin agg 65 

Granny  Clara McNeill      agg 65 

9 hole  Christine Henderson

5 hole  Levina Merritt

Gent 9 hole John Costello   23 pts Guest  Mary Casey (Strabane) on 33 pts.

Wed 2nd Aug  Club Prize

1st Darragh McGowan           69 

2nd  Karen O'Meara                71

Gross Dolores Devanney        86  

3rd Mae Ferry                          72  

1st 9  Deirdre Duncan            33.5 

2nd 9 Deirdre Kelly                34.5   2's Darragh McGowan  

9 hole  

Christine Henderson  

5 hole  Renee Goudie             


The Captain's Scramble was won by Kathleen McGowan, Karen Duncan, Johnny Brady and Trevor Robb on 56.2    in 2nd placew as Eileen Boyce, Bridie Faulkner and Roger Campbell on 56.8.

Wed 26th July

Sponsored by Beauty by Shana

Cat  1 

1 st  Dolores Devanney      71 bot  

2nd Sharon Maloney         71   

Cat 2 

1st Brid McMenamin         71 

2nd Deirdre Kelly               75  

Cat 1  

1st Ita Ward                        72 

2nd Mary Brogan              72

9 hole

Brenda Crawford.  

5 hole  

1stJoy Bell

2nd Bernie Thompson

Sun 16th July

Captains prize to Ladies

1st Bridie Faulkner           18 pts

2nd Kathleen McGowan   18 pts

Wed 12th July

Cat 1

1st Dolored Devaney        35 pts

2nd Sharon Maloney       34 pts

Cat 2

1st Josephine Stewart       39pts

2nd Karen O'Meara          38 pts

Cat 3

1st Mae ferry                     34 pts

2nd Emer Kee                    33 pts

5 Hole

1st Anne Fairman

2nd Levina Merritt


Sheila Breen

Moya Larkin

Darragh McGowan

Wed  5th July Open 

1st Darragh McGowan      37 pts 

2nd Deirdre Kelly              36 pts  Gross  Mgt McConnell      21 pts 

3rd Deirdre Duncan          35 pts 

Front 9

Mgt McCrossan                20 pts 

Back 9

Brid McMenamin              19 pts  Visitors  Meave McNulty  33 pts  2's  

Darragh McGowan

Deirdre Duncan

9 hole

Maura McCool 

5 hole  

1st Esther Sweeney 

2nd Leah Fairman

Wed 28th June  

Cat 3 

1st Ita Ward                            36 pts 

2nd Sylvia A Hamilton          33 pts Cat 2 

1st Kathleen McGowan

2nd Kaye Stewart  

Cat 1 

1st Bridie Faulkner

5 hole 

1st Christine Henderson 

2nd  Lavina Merritt 

3rd  Renee Gouldie

Wed 21st June

Cat 1 

1st Eileen Reilly                 36 pts 

2nd Sheila Breen               34 pts 

Cat 2 

1st Josephine Stewart       37 pts

2nd Brid McMenamin      34 pts 

Cat 3   

1st Imelda Muldoon         38 pts 

2nd Karen Duncan           37 pts  

Brid  McMenamin

Emer Kee

Josephine Stewart 

Collette Callaghan   

9 hole  Sally Carr
5 hole Christine Henderson

Sat  17th June   

1st  Eileen Reilly               38 pts 

2nd Mgt McCrossan         35 pts
3rd Deirdre Kelly              34 pts

Wed 14th June

Cat 1  

1st Sheila Breen                 68  

2nd Deirdre Duncan         72  

Cat 2  

1st Deirdre Kelly                71

2nd Mary Harkin              72

Cat 3  

1st Ita Ward                        70    

2nd Emer Kee                     72  

Wed 7th June    

1st Emer Kee                      39 pts

2nd Karen Duncan            38 pts 

Gross Mgt McConnell       26 pts

3rd  Margaret Hynes         37 pts  Front 9 Sharon Maloney   22 pts Back 9 Dolores Devaney   20 pts  2's

Sheila Breen

Margaret McConnell 

Beginner  Maura McCool

Wed 31st May      

1st Collette Callaghan        39pts

2nd May Ferry                    39 pts

gross  Margaret McConnell

3rd  Margaret Hynes         36 pts

Front 9  Eileen Reilly        19 pts Back 9  Maureen Boyle     22 pts  2's

Margaret Hynes.    

Beginner Florence Connolly

 3 Day Donegal Ladies event

1st team  Moira Irwin, Pat Steen and Kay Wilson from Dunfanaghy 289 pts  

2nd  Marian O'Sullivan, Monica McDonagh and Veronica McAteer of Letterkenny  286 pts 3rd Eileen Reilly, Ann

Glancy, Margaret Hynes 285 pts 

1st Nett Angela Bradley   104 pts Gross Dolores Devaney     69pts  Cat 1 Marian O'Sullivan 100 pts Cat 2 Kaye Stewart          102 pts  

Cat 3 Lou Ann Russell      95 pts  Day 3 Ballybofey and Stranorlar 1st Ann Short   39 pts

2nd Kathleen Porter   39 pts   Gross Angela Bradley  23 gr pts 3rd  Eileen Reilly  39 pts  

Visitor Kay Kelly   37 pts  

Front 9  Bridie Faulkner 23 pts   Back 9  Imelda Muldoon  20 pts 2's

Sheena McStary @ 6th  

Maggie Logue @ 8th  

Sheila Breen @ 2nd

Jacqueline Ireland @ 6th Mairead Harkin @ 8th

Wed 17th  

Cat 3

1st Brieid Kelly                 36 pts

2nd Ita Ward                     35 pts  

Cat 2  

1st Josephine Stewart       34 pts

2nd Margaret Hynes         31 pts 

Cat 1  

1st Margaret McConnell   35 pts

2nd Clara McNeill             34 pts 


Margaret Hynes 


Sat 13th 

1st Sharon Maloney          38 pts

2nd Maureen Boyle           36 pts 3rd  Darragh McGowan    36 pts

Wed 10th May

1st   Maureen Boyle               68 

2nd Kathleen McGowan       68   Gross Margaret McConnell  80  

3rd Josephine Stewart           70  Front 9  Bridie Faulkner  

Back 9  Emer Kee   


Bridie Faulkenr x 2

Kathleen McGowan

Mary Harkin

Brid McMenamin. 

9 hole  Florence Connolly

Sat May 6th  

1st Clara McNeill 37pts

Wed May 3rd

Ladies Public Image Open

1st Josephine Stewart   39pts

2nd Deirdre Duncan    38pts

Gross  Mgt McConnell 24pts

3rd  Karen O'Meara     38pts

4th  Ita Ward                37pts

Front 9  Anna Dillon   19pts

Back 9   Moya Larkin   19pts

Visitor   Kit Boyce


Clara McNeill @ 6th

Sat April  29th
1st Brid McMenamin     37 pts
2nd Collette Callaghan  33 pts
3rd Breid Kelly               32 pts
4th Imelda Muldoon      30 pts 
Wed 26th
Cat 1
1st Deirdre Duncan 32pts
2nd Mgt McConnell 31pts
Cat 2
1st Josephine Stewart 36pts
2nd Brid McMenamin 21pts
Cat 3
1st MAry Brogan 37pts
2nd Kathleen Porter 35 pts
Moya Larkin at 8th
Josephine Stewart at 8th
Wed 19th
Cat 1
1st Mary McHugh 33pts
2nd Bridie Faulkner 31pts
Cat 2
Kaye Stewart 31pts
2nd Anne Sweeney 30pts
Cat 3
1st Sylvia Allen Hamilton 35pts
2nd Ita Ward 30pts
Rose McElhinney at 8th
Moya Larkin at 14th
Kaye Stewart at 17th
Sat 15th
1st Bridie Faulkner 35pts
2nd Deirdre Kelly 34pts
3rd Sharon Maloney 33pts
4th Darragh McGowan 32pts
Wed 12 th
Cat 1
1st Eileen Boyce 29pts
2nd Mary McHugh 27pts
Cat 2
1st Josephine Stewart 34pts
2nd Deirdre Kelly 34pts
Cat 3
1st Mae Ferry 27pts
2nd Kathleen Porter 25pts
Easter Hamper
1st Darragh McGowan 39pts
2nd Mgt Hynes 38pts
3rd Dolores Devaney 38pts
Wed Apr 5th 9 Hole
1st Christine Johnston 20pts
2nd Maureen Boyle 19pts
3rd Ita Ward 17 pts
1st Maura McCool
2nd Florence Connolly
Sat Apr 1st Sweep
1st Mgt McConnell 32pts
2nd Mgt Hynes 32pts
3rd D Devaney 31pts
Sat Mar 25th 
1st Mgt McConnell 32pts
2nd Bridie Faulkner 31pts
3rd Mai Ferry 29pts
Sat Feb 25th Sweep
1st Deirdre Kelly 36pts
2nd Brid McMenamin 35pts
3rd Mgt McConnell 33pts
Wed Feb 22nd 9 hole
1st Moya Larkin 16pts
2nd Clara McNeill 15pts
3rd Breid Kelly 15pts
Lady Captain: Emer Kee                       

Ballybofey and Stranorlar Golf Club

Ballybofey & Stranorlar Golf Club, 

The Glebe,, Stranorlar,, Co. Donegal

 +353 74 91 31093

emai: info@bsgc.ie


Captain: Lawrence Devenney (Acting)                       
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President: Loman O'Dowd